Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Decided to make a few full perms :) here is the first ones #M01 Ramina

Nocturnal Couture™ Embrace your darker side. with this full permission mesh shoe kit for creators. Ramina the sexy extra high V drop heels.This shoes are made to be worn with the Slink High mesh feet.

❀ RAMINA Slink High Heels rigged Shoes
❀ RAMINA Slink High Heels Left Shoe -Unrigged
❀ RAMINA Slink High Heels Right Shoe -Unrigged
❀ Base for High heels
❀ Sample textures are included for demonstration, creating your own unique textures is recommended.
❀ UV, AO, Normal, and Specular maps for sample textures.
❀ Psd Download link Note card
❀ Terms and Conditions of sale Note card
❀ Group Joiner and Help Note Card
-Items are sold with full permissions, all sales are final.
No Reselling any mesh, template or Psd Files Full Perm or Stand alone at any given time.*EXAMPLE
• Only copy OR only trans but NEVER both.
• Mod/Copy -Yes!
• Mod/Trans - Yes!
• Mod/Trans/Copy - No!
• Trans/Copy - No!
The price can not be any less then 100L$
Full Terms and Conditions on box when u rez it on the Notecard. Very simple standard rules
**Feet not included
Copy✔ - Mod ✔ - trans ✔

Demo: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/NC-M01DEMOFull-Perm-Shoe-Remina-Slink-High-Heel/6257235

Purchase :https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/NC-M01Full-Perm-Shoe-Remina-Slink-High-Heels/6257234
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