Monday, May 19, 2014

My First Gatcha

So, a lot of people have asked me to make a Gatcha, and so here is my first Gatcha Eye Collectibles, I also put a pair of Slink High feet heels Special Edition only for Gatcha with extra Pink buckle.

It will be at Mainstore once i find a good quality gothy Gatcha machine o.O * in a few minutes lol*
*Feet Not Included*

Only at our Main Store

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

World Goth Opened Today Make sure y'all get your bootys down there, its full of great events, live music, and much more, *ohh there is gift too so :D Gooo CRazzzzy!!!! xD and omggg the gatchas, yes we are feeding your gatcha addiction, lol they is so many great things, so many awesome and creative designers, 3 sims full .

Teleport Inworld

For their Third year,  this  This is a charity event where we donate and collect donations to The Sophie Lancaster Foundation. A foundation which fights for the rights of those who are different, that belong to different subcultures.

You can view more details by visiting 

Click here to view my current products on Nocturnal Couture @ Flickr

Click here to view current products on World Goth Fair @ Flickr 
About World Goth Fair

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bohemian Ossuary reserved for World Goth Fair

Yay So finally finished the ad for the necklaces :D and here they are <3 
They will be set at a special price during the event only.
4 Beautiful New Bohemian Ossuary colors

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Yay World Goth Fair and We got Some awesome deals

So yes i know i been slacking on blog loll, and yes i got my charger xD,  But i been super bucked working on products ^^. Here are the weeks new goodies, and they all will be at the World Goth Fair. Babe and I, worked very hard on this for this event i hope you all loved them as much as we do :)

World Goth Fair is produced in cooperation with World Goth Day (, and benefits the Sophie Lancaster Foundation (
La Addiction -Plain Simple Version for the Slink High Feet :)
*Slink Feet not Included* *in a great discount price*

 La Addiction-Muerte   -Can not leave the Skull and Roses out ofcorse, a Very Sexy touch to the Goth look, so we came up with this. *btw we have the matching skull pearl necklaces ill post a picture as soon as I'm done with the display pic <3
 for the Slink High Feet :)
*Slink Feet not Included*

Sexy Gothy Pearl and Gem Dress, Designed and Drawn by me :)  *P.S. Those Gems took me forever lol* Never attempted to make gems before, specially to look so real. But y'all know me nothing stops the Luna from shining ^^. Ghaaaa!!1 i forgot to put the Ghetto Booty applier in the AD lol, ppff Oh Well, But it includes all the appliers (Lola Breast, Baby Bump, Phat/Cute Azz, Brazilia, Banned, Wowmeh and Ghetto Booty Appliers.
50% of all Sales of this Dress go to the  Sophie Lancaster Foundation (

Offcorse can not go with out making some skin specially for this event, who dosnt love goth lol, and even better its all for a good cause.

In 5 Tones, all with 2 Cleavage Options, 4 Eyebrow colors
Appliers Sold separately @ Main Store and our Prime 3d Location

In the goth fair there will be eyes out for sale 2 of wish 50% of all sales go to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation (

and yes as soon as I'm done with the pearl skull necklaces ill post a picture for you all :)

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