Thursday, April 24, 2014

One of them days-.- when you say! Whhhhyyyy why me? -.-

Moment when your laptop dies in the process of working,to look at your charger and find out HEY! This flipping* charger is defective >.< Then when you think all is lost! You randomly find the receipt to the order of the charger.At this point i was exited speciallyy when i read it had warranty XD so i grab the ipad n look for the site to call.But guess wat!Sooo i called lol the machine tells me that the only way to reach a macbook charger ppl is to ***GUESS*** tin tin tin tunnnnnnn! -.- email them! *Noww why could it just say that at the site? Idk lol.

 Soo back to the Ipad we go lol, open email and messeged them told them the brand new charger i got last on feb was defective gave my info n they said oki it being shipped today XD. Soo felt like scrolling down some more on my emails and omg! Another email loll i thought i had not gotten this job i applied for on sl to help with people, turns out i just either i accidently got skiped or second life eat my message o.o. But im pretty sure i got acepted lol just have to wait and see when i log back online.

 So i sit and stare at the recipt and think wow wat a day, as i stare at the receipt i re read it and turns out? I read wrong  -_____- i dont have warranty LOL. So im like hollly smokes how i read wrong! So i think to my self hmmm weird cuz he put the redelivery order already i should track it. But guess whats next? -_- i cant track it or check the email with the charger info because my ex made it and i never thought hey luna maybe you should write it down and the pass to the account you might need it a few months after. Soi email back to see if the info could be transfer to my email and get no reply :/. 5 hours after n still no reply .-.

 Should i send another email? Wat if they notice i dont have warranty on it and cancel it? Lol hmmmm Maybe contact the ex and ask for the email info?... NOOoooooo bad idea all around it >.< ... Sooo wat to do? Wait 2days and see? Hmmm -light bulb- Maybe if i can get the old broken charger to work o.o. - sooo after an hour fight with the broken charger cable i give up and just randomly plug it hard of inpatientness to the mac O.O n omg! THE LIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg is charging! Lolllll -think my laptop likes it rough- lolll. Now i just have too umm not move the laptop or charger o.o pff atleast for 2days O.o shhhyeaa Good luck with that Luna! Loll >.< whyyy does the closet best buy have to be soooooooo far i could just go buy one n return it in 2 days? :D :/ mehhhh lets hope i dont have to drive allll the way over there n it survives a few more days xD 

And then the laptop dies in the middle of me writing my longgg storry on my blog-waits 30min to get a bit of charge- boom im back! Lol think this is a bad day -.- Can it get any worse? Maybe i should sleep i havnt slept since like 7 pm yestuday up working on outfits all night and morning.2:14 now o.o if i go to sleep i wont wake up to make dinner. Looks like Luna is not sleeping today? 

-sorry to bore yall with my day story lol but i mean it is my blog o.o and im absolutly random XD- 

Ill be back to post later lol Kisssesss!

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