Sunday, April 20, 2014

Neww Neww and Happy Easter everyone

I Been eXtreeemly busy. The trio is back and ready for action xD loll. No really i am super exited *_* |o/ woohoo for No sleep time not that i ever do but… thats besides the point.  lol.. 

Anyways xD Here is a few things i been working on and up for sale at Nocturnal Couture Satellite Store @ Prime 3D Sim

Stubborn Taurus Dedicated to wifey and bot -.- both such Taurus's lol but the besties you just can not live with out xD -believe me i tried lol- .. Next is Blow me One Last kiss <~ shush i was depressed  and Cutie Puss in Boots Felt like trowing it Western umm Kinda  lol With Slink stocking hud, Booty and Booby Appliers included .. SoO yep Embrace your Darker Side™ 

New Main Store almost done, we had to say goodbye to our Nocturnal Couture Sim but gotta do what cha gotta do, all for the best ^^  Ohhh almost forgot I've put out a gift there also only available today, Golden Egg eyes from my Spring 2014 Egg Eyes Collections

*Gift for easter Golden Egg eyes
Hand drawn using Photoshop, with a lott of love <3

*All Pictures are Property of LunaNocturnal Owner of Nocturnal Couture The Easter Egg Eyes Collection and all Nocturnal Couture Eye collections and templates are DMCA protected and not to be used by anyone but LunaNocturna,Foxxylola

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